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A web survey tool is a site that helps businesses make smarter decisions by conducting survey research over the internet. Whether you want to study employee satisfaction, customer service performance, or client satisfaction, web survey tools provide a fast and easy method to generate data on a number of topics.

The Need For Speed: web surveys Faster & Cheaper Than Mail or Phone

Web survey respondents leave fewer questions blank and are more thorough with their responses than phone or email respondents.

Plus, web surveys are cheaper to design and send out: researchers found that for a sample size of 1500, the total costs for the mail alternative was estimated to be some 20 percent higher than the costs using a web survey software like Survey Tool.

There is a significant difference in the average return time between customer surveys conducted through email (7.3days) compare to surveys conducted over mail (9.8 days). Using web survey tools gives businesses cheaper, more accurate, and faster results!

Survey Tool: Easier, Faster, M ore Effective

Survey Tool allows businesses to conduct web surveys quickly and efficiently. Survey Tool gives you access to all the necessary instruments to conduct an excellent survey over the web. From a wide selection of templates and themes to a user-friendly report generating process, Survey Tool is the best value online survey software available.

Additionally, Survey Tool's web survey software is equipped to automatically track any changes in behavior, attitude or opinion by periodically sending surveys to your clients on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Start emailing your survey to respondents by uploading your address book contacts, posting a link on your website, or pasting it into an email.

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Innovative features give users the ability to add rewards, use professional templates, and automatically transform Word documents into functional online surveys. Our free phone support will help you with any problems you might run into along the way.

Survey Tool is dedicated to making surveys fast, easy, and more intuitive. Try our web survey software today for free.

To get started, simply login to your account, click "Sign Up Today," enter your company or other relevant information, use one of our templates or write your own questions, and the survey is ready to use!

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Why SurveyTool?

  • Over 35 prewritten professional templates to get you up and running quickly
  • Add rewards automatically to incentivize respondents
  • Intuitive new survey design tools
  • Attractive Price Point - SurveyTool offers the best value for the price
  • Automatically distribute surveys on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

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