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Step 1 - Create Survey

Use the left sidebar to browse explanations of our main features for creating surveys, from professional templates to advanced features like Skip Logic. The survey designer is quick and easy, with the most powerful features available front and center.

In our testing, first-time SurveyTool users were able to create a survey five minutes faster than when using Survey Monkey. Take a tour, look around, and see all the creative, simple-to-use features SurveyTool includes to make writing surveys faster than ever before.

Step 2 - Publish Survey

Writing your survey is only the first step. Once it's published, you will need to collect responses. Luckily, SurveyTool makes it easy with a number of helpful features including the ability to embed your survey on a website and to automatically send out your survey.

SurveyTool is designed to help users easily get the word out about a new survey and to encourage responses.

Step 3. Getting Responses

SurveyTool is full of tools to help you invite friends, coworkers, clients, and anyone else to take your survey. With an intuitive address book and automatically generated survey links, you'll find that sharing your survey in an email, on Facebook, or with Twitter is remarkably easy.

As you build up an email contact list, the address book saves all the contacts, so you'll never have to enter anything twice.

SurveyTool Sample

SurveyTool Sample enables you to send your survey to anyone in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Gather information from thousands of people in a matter of minutes.

Target your sample request by age, gender, and location. This allows you to get information from a specific targeted segment of the population!

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Where does the traffic come from?

SurveyTool Sample comes from our robust network of publishers, reaching over 50 million unique users across 1,000+ websites. Below is a sample of our partner:

How much does it cost?

SurveyTool Sample starts at $0.75 per response. Pricing may vary depending upon targeting depth and length of the survey.

How do I use SurveyTool Sample?

SurveyTool Sample is easily accessible for all of your surveys. For each survey, you'll see a link to Get SurveyTool Sample. Click on the link to get to the SurveyTool Sample Request Page.

How do I launch a SurveyTool Sample Request?

Here you can specify the demographics of who you'd like to send your survey to. To send your SurveyTool Sample, you'll have to have enough credits in your account and upgrade to a Basic Plan or higher. Click here to learn more about the plans.

And for More Advance Users:

Our advanced targeting system allows you to drill down to specific demographics of who you would like to send your survey to. For instance, you can decide to send your survey to only males between the ages of 18 and 24, or females between the ages of 29 and 25.

Advance settings can be found in the Order Summary box, click on "Change these settings" to use advanced sample settings

Step 5. Analyze the Result

Once you've collected responses, SurveyTool includes a number of features to help you analyze the data. Visualize your data with pie charts, or download the responses as an Excel file for advanced sorting and number crunching. Look at the individual answers of your most vocal critic, top supporter or view aggregate responses.

Either way, you'll find that SurveyTool is loaded with features to help you understand your survey data.

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Powerful Survey Tools

Our online survey tools offer a powerful solution for any business. The smart choice for any research.

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Professional Templates

Pre-formatted and designed by us so you don't have to.

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Auto Send

Set up your survey to be periodically sent out. Automatically, with one click. Simple.

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Add Rewards

Automatically dispense reward codes. Survey incentives with the click of a button.

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Visualized Result

Analyze your data in an easy clean interface. Easily change the layout to the best graphic representation to suit your needs, and it's updated in real time as results come in.

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Brand Your Survey

Easily upload an image, logo, or letterhead to brand your survey and give it an internal feel. Most file types are supported, so it's as easy as a quick click.

Template Choices

  • With over 35 prewritten templates and counting, setting up your first survey is easy.
  • All templates are written by market research professionals to prompt insightful feedback from your respondents.
  • Designed to be immediately useable, most of them require little to no changes.
  • SurveyTool automatically inserts your brand or product name into the templates to save you time.
  • To get to the prewritten templates click on Create New Survey and then choose the option Start From A Professional Template.
  • Marketing
  • Quick Poll
  • Online Games
  • Non-profit
  • Client/Customer Satisfaction
  • Website & E-Commerce
  • Employe & HR
  • Academic/Student
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Upload Word Documents

  • Automatically transform Word or text documents into full online surveys.
  • SurveyTool doesn't have any of the complicated formatting and upload rules that frustrate users on other survey sites.
  • Write your survey however you desire and transform the document into a complete, easy-to-use online survey.
  • To use this feature, click on the orange "Create New Survey" button which you will find on the "My Surveys" page. This will bring you to a page where you have 4 options to choose from. Choose the last option, "Upload Survey from Word Document" and then click on the "Choose File" button. Once you find your file and click on it, hit the "Send File" button. That's all you have to do and your survey will be ready in one business day.

Question Types

  • From the convenient toolbar quickly add or remove questions with one click.
  • The interface is designed to be as easy to use as possible, with graphic examples to help you choose the right question type for your needs.
  • Create your survey in a matter of minutes with over 18 types of questions to choose from including:
  • checkbox
  • multiple choice
  • drop down
  • rating scale
  • single select
  • multi- select
  • single text box
  • number (123)
  • price
  • email
  • date
  • time
  • phone number
  • paragraph text
  • multiple textboxes
  • numeric textboxes
  • demographic (US)
  • demographic (Intl)
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Skip Logic

  • Skip logic is an advanced tool that allows you to redirect survey-takers from their answer choices.
  • Save time for respondents by skipping questions that don't apply to them.
  • Skip logic can disqualify question takers that don't fit your survey criteria.
  • To use skip logic is easy. You will find it when you are creating or editing questions in your survey. To add skip logic to a question, click on the survey and then go to Add Questions. Click on the question in your survey that you want to add skip logic to and then at the top, in the Edit Box, you will see a skip logic button on the very right. Click on that button and then enter the specifications that you want.
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Add Rewards

  • Automatically distributes a reward code for completing a survey. This is a great way to incentivize your customers for taking the time to fill out a satisfaction survey.
  • The reward does not have to be limited to discounts. You can offer an early registration code as incentive and bring respondents back to your website.
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Predefined Fields

  • When setting up your questions we have set up common answers so you don't have to.
  • If you want a question with the days of the week, gender, or income bracket, for example, just click "use predefined choices" and choose one to automatically populate your survey question.
  • The "use predefined choices" button is really easy to find. It is under the text box where you would normally enter your answers on the "Add Questions" tab which is on the "Edit Survey" page.

Save and Continue Later for Respondents

  • Respondents don't have to worry about filling out your survey in one sitting. SurveyTool allows them to save and continue working on it later.
  • To find this feature you can go to the "Edit Survey" page. Under the "Survey Settings" tab you will find the "Advanced Settings" button in the center of the page. Click on that button and a screen will pop up to select this feature.

Customized End Page/URL Redirect

  • Direct survey respondents to a specific page on your website such as a product sales page or even a thank you letter when they finish your survey.
  • You can find this when you go to the "Edit Survey" page. Under the "Survey Settings" tab you will find the "Advanced Settings" button in the center of the page.

Phone Support

SurveyTool is the only survey site to offer free phone support five days a week to all our users.

Live Edit Survey System

Even after a survey is launched, you can safely change question order, edit answer choices, and more.

Optional Comment Box

  • Attach a comment box to questions for additional feedback with one click.
  • You can find this feature when you are in your survey on the "Edit" page under the "Add Questions" tab.

Multiple Page Surveys

Separate your survey over multiple pages for easy viewing.

Require Survey Responses

Make it mandatory for respondents to answer specific questions before completing your survey.

Embed Survey

  • For those that don't want to redirect traffic away from your website, SurveyTool generates the code you need to paste on your page and embed the survey. This is a great way to run a survey with an article and get people to respond right away.
  • You can find this on the "Get Responses" page. It is the option on the bottom, right corner.

Deactivate The Surveys

  • When you have finished collecting your data, or the time frame for the survey is over, easily deactivate your survey with one click.
  • The data and survey are all still saved on our servers. If you want to reuse the same survey later simply reactivate it.

Auto Send

  • Automatically distributes your survey at set intervals. If you want to send out your surveys weekly, monthly, or yearly we will take care of it for you.
  • Spend your time focused on the results, not on whether you sent it out or not.
  • Auto Send is a great feature for regular or repeat customers like a car dealership. How was the service this month?
  • You can find auto send under the "Get Responses" tab. Once you click on "Send invitation emails" you will get to the page where you can enter in your preferred time interval.
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Secure SSL

SurveyTool uses secure SSL and VeriSign to insure that all personal information of users and their respondents is kept secure and private.

Email Response Notifications

Automatically receive an email announcement every time your survey gets a new response.

Printable PDF Version

  • Easily download a PDF file of your survey to print and share a paper copy.
  • You can do this easily from the "Edit" page of your survey. You will find the button to print your survey right above the start of your survey.

Address Book

  • The address book stores all your contact information from previous surveys.
  • Uploading your contacts once allows you to use them for all subsequent surveys.
  • You can create groups as well, so sending out the survey to a portion of your address book can be done in seconds.
  • With advanced grouping features, you can merge groups from different surveys or separate specific contacts all with ease.

Embed Survey

Embed your survey directly on your blog or webpage to collect responses from your audience right away. Gather feedback without respondents even leaving your page. SurveyTool automatically generates the code, so all you have to do is copy and paste the HTML into your website.

Charts and Graphs

  • All your survey data is automatically displayed through the website with easy to read charts and graphs.
  • Easily change the layout to the best graphic representation to suit your needs, and it's updated in real time as results come in.
  • If you need to export it for use in a presentation or other program we offer several alternatives.
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Downloadable Data

  • Automatically export your data as a PDF.
  • Save your data as a CSV file and import it directly into Excel or any spreadsheet program.
  • You can easily do this by going to "Analyze Responses" and then clicking on "Export Report".

Real Time Results

  • Survey data is processed and the user interface is updated instantly.
  • Easily monitor and track the results as they come in, and use the data as effectively as possible.

Sharing Results

  • After your survey is live, SurveyTool generates a link that you can use to distribute your survey via Facebook, Twitter, or any popular media sharing website.
  • You can also create a customized URL that fits your brand to reassure survey takers.
  • Use the link in a corporate email, or upload your contacts and have us send out a custom email.

Cross Tabulation

Use cross-tabulated data to view a side-by-side comparison of multiple survey questions to determine how they are interrelated.

This can be found at the top of the page under the "Analyze Responses" tab.

Browse Individual Responses

Separate out a specific user's responses to your survey for a detailed analysis. It's a great tool that gives you a new way to understand your feedback from each respondent.

Aggregate Results

View the results of all respondents at once to easily recognize trends and preferences.

Anonymous Surveys

Responses are not matched to email addresses, so respondents remain anonymous for surveys with sensitive topics.

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