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University of Central Arkansas Interior Design Alumni Survey

Dear Interior Design Alumni, We need your assistance! As a graduate of the Interior Design program at UCA, your opinion is very important to us. Your response to this survey will be of great assistance to us as we review our program. Determining both, the strengths and weaknesses of the program will better serve our students and the interior design profession. Your responses will be kept confidential and will only be used in summary tables for evaluation purposes. THANK YOU for your assistance, The Interior Design Faculty of the University of Central Arkansas

When did you complete your interior design degree at UCA?


Upon entering the interior design curriculum at UCA, did you already have a degree?

Did you transfer from another college or university?

Are you employed?

Are you practicing interior design?

Please choose check one box in reference to the NCIDQ:

Are you a registered/ licensed interior designer?

Do you have other professional credentials in interior design?

Do you have a master's degree?

Are you currently enrolled in a graduate program?

Please choose the yearly salary range you made at your first job after graduation.

Are you working full- time for an employer (more than 35 hours/week)?

Are you working part-time (less than 35 hours/week) for an employer?

Are you self-employed?

Are you unemployed, looking for a job?

Are you unemployed, not looking for a job?

Please choose your current salary range (based on yearly income):

If you are working in an interior design position, which best describes your position?

If you are not working in interior design, please describe your current position?

In your opinion, what are the greatest strengths of the interior design program at UCA?

What are your suggestions for the interior design curriculum at UCA?

What additional classes would you like to see offered at UCA in the interior design program?

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