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Winter Survey 2012

Greetings Everyone, As a friend of The Center for Cancer Support and Education we would appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time to assist us in evaluating our organization and the services we provide. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Clinician staff we want your input and opinions. This assessment will allow us to continue bringing the right services and activities to the communities and clients we serve. Please complete the survey that follows and also write in any additional comments and suggestions you might have. Thank you in advance for this feedback. - Joan Driscoll, President, The Center for Cancer Support and Education


How did you first learn about the Center?

Support Groups - only answer this section if you are a current or previous support group member.

Which support group do/did you attend and for how long did you attend it?

Was the group helpful to you and if so how?

What was not helpful to you?

Wellness Activities

Do you currently participate in any of The Center's Wellness Activities? (Check all that apply.)

Do you feel you have benefited from the wellness activities?

If you do not participate in the wellness activities, is there a reason you have not done so?


What would entice you to donate to The Center?

Do you know how to donate to The Center?


Do you read our newsletters? Print or electronic?

What information would you like to see in our newsletters?

Do you receive other email communication from The Center?

Have you visited The Center's website?

Could you find what you were looking for on the website?


Tell us if you participated in any of our fundraising events:

Center Overall

What do you like best about The Center and its offerings?

How could The Center improve its offerings?

Are there other services you would like The Center to offer?

Any additional comments about The Center overall?

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