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Half Street Market and Teaching Restaurant Survey

Half Street Market: Concept Capitol Riverfront food destination with unique, high quality selections of artisan and ethnic products, and prepared foods. This project requires the conversion of U.S. Government property to Washington DC at a very low cost. The Half Street Market and Restaurant vision is to offer independent merchants a market to sell their artisan foods and prepared food products to the public, provide a managed risk incubator for self-employment, to provide public culinary training and education in a working demonstration restaurant, drive the development of new food markets, income generation, increased economic growth The purpose of this survey is to assess community interest in the conversion of the L Street SE, 1924 Federal warehouse to a market for food businesses and to host public and private events. Concept below (final design may differ from concept)

Location of 49L Street South East. GSA owned warehouse at the corner of L and Half Streets SE

Rate the value of the Half Street Market and Restaurant Concept to cultivate a unique sense of place in Capitol Riverfront by improving the future Half Street pedestrian corridor within the district.


Rate the value to the community to have a market that will showcase small producers that practice traditional farming or production techniques.


Rate the value to the community to provide a specialty and artisan food retail market that attracts customers to and from Ward 6 and connects shopping in Barrack Row, Eastern Market and SW Wharf Fish Market to the Capitol Riverfront.


Estimate new (additional) household weekly purchases for high quality selections of prepared artisan and ethnic products sold at the Half Street Market and Restaurant

Rate the value of the Half Street market to serve as a food business incubator for Capitol Riverfront to drive entrepreneurial growth and new employment


Rate the value of the Half Street Market to provide value as a retail catalyst by mobilizing new retail investment capital to Half Street.

Other, comments on the Market and potential role in Half Street development encouraged

The Half Street Market will have the following impact on the local food market

The General Services Administration makes real estate available to communities for public purposes. Federal properties can contribute to community vitality by expanding employment opportunities, housing for homeless, education, parks and open space. Does public culinary education implemented in a demonstration kitchen and restaurant provide benefits to the community? Please check all that apply

What mode of transportation do you prefer (most frequently used) when purchasing food in a restaurant, grocery store (Safeway, Harris Teeter etc.) , market such as SW Wharf or Eastern Markets

Other, comments on the proximity of the market and patrons outside of Capitol Riverfront encouraged

The Capitol Riverfront should enlist the support of key city federal, private, corporate organizations and offices for Half Street Market and Restaurant. Check the external interfaces that should be engaged for this concept:

We are looking for volunteers that would like to join our crusade to bring the Half Street Market and Restaurant to the Capitol Riverfront. If you are interested in joining our team please provide your name and contact data.

Please provide the following information

Citizen Committees working to move the Half Street Market forward are forming now! Act and check the committee that you would like to join. Email and go to

Southwest Ariel View

Classroom Space and Demonstration Kitchen for Culinary Training. Think TOP CHEF with realtime streaming cyber links to DCPC Schools, Howard University, GW University and University of District of Columbia.

Restaurant: The restaurant is a key element to the Half Street Market concept because it provides both career and educational activities, as well as provides another layer of activity and amenity to the Half Street streetscape. By lofting an activity generator such as this on the building, it provides another opportunity for late-hour site activity as well as an architectural opportunity to create visual interest visible to the street level. This restaurant will be like none other in the city by functioning as an educational kitchen in addition to the one servicing the restaurant. The core principle of this concept is to provide an opportunity for high school, college, and vocational students studying in the culinary fields to have a hands-on training facility that also serves as a traditional restaurant. This ‘kitchen-classroom’ could also be visible to restaurant patrons to give an experience much like that on the TV shows “Top Chef” and “Hell’s Kitchen”. The classroom could even live-stream lessons to other schools and universities as a web-based learning tool. The restaurant itself would also provide a new destination to further enliven the area both through its architecture, as well as providing outdoor seating facing Half Street. Through both a compelling design and an educational program component, this restaurant could become a unique culinary destination that further propels DC into the international culinary community.

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