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NC State - Compost Operator Data Collection

The Integrated Solid Waste Management group at North Carolina State University is currently developing a publicly available life-cycle optimization model capable of analyzing solid waste management (SWM) performance – at both the individual process and integrated system levels – taking into account implications of greenhouse gas mitigation policies and competing SWM objectives (e.g., costs, emissions, and diversion targets). This life-cycle model is intended to estimate the costs, emissions, and environmental impacts associated with the processes (e.g., collection, separation, waste-to-energy, composting, anaerobic digestion, landfilling) that constitute the SWM system. As part of this research they are developing and updating life-cycle models for composting operations. In order to ensure that the models are as accurate and up-to-date as possible they are collecting data from composting facility operators. Identifying information is not required and will not be shared if provided. Their plan is to aggregate the data from a number of facilities to provide an up-to-date life-cycle model for composting operations. The final composting model as well as the entire life-cycle optimization model will be publicly available upon completion. Please answer all of the questions to the best of your ability, and feel free to skip any questions that you prefer not to answer. Thank you for your time.

Please provide your email address if you are willing to be contacted with follow-up questions.

Please describe your composting process from initial intake of feedstocks through final product generation.

Please list the equipment you use for composting including engine horse-power if possible (front end loaders, grinders, windrow turners, screens, blowers, etc.)

What materials do you compost? (e.g. leaves, grass, branches, food waste, biosolids)

How much of each feedstock do you compost in a month or year?

What is the tipping fee charged for various feedstocks?

How many days per year do you operate? How many hours per day do you typically operate?

How are your composting piles built (include amendments such saw dust, wood chips or screen overs)?

What are the retention times at the various stages of your process?

What is the moisture content of your material at various stages in the process (initial feedstock through final product)?

How many laborers, administrative staff, and supervisory/managerial personnel are used at your facility during a shift?

How much fuel and/or electricity does your facility typically use in a month or year?

Please describe any emissions or odor control systems in use at your facility.

What do you charge for your end products?

What is the typical end use for your products? How far does it typically travel?

Do you have outputs besides compost that are shipped out for further treatment, disposal, or use (e.g., rejects to landfill, leachate to treat, screened recyclables, wood chips, etc.)? What is that mass or volume of those materials?

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