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Research Solutions allows you to tap into our global panel of 50 million participants across 1,000+ partner sites.

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Research Solutions

What research solutions are available for business development and how can companies utilize them effectively?

There are plenty of online research services and tools that are tailored for business research and development. If a company needs questions answered regarding their customers, products, services or expansion, online survey software is perfect for finding research solutions. SurveyTool is one of the online research solution tools that can assist a business with gathering accurate market data and pertinent information. SurveyTool's research services consist of an impressive array of professional tools for online survey design and data interpretation.

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  • Surveytool

    Research Solution Tools that are Available for Business

    As a research provider, SurveyTool offers plenty of features that have been tailored for business research and market studies, including:

    - Database of survey participants, the largest respondent database online.
    - Business questionnaire templates, designed by research professionals.
    - Intuitive survey questionnaire creation, with drag-and-drop design software.
    - Automatic scheduling and survey launch for easy continuous survey research.
    - Preferred respondent demographic selection for survey sample research.
    - Contact lists can be imported for automated emailing of survey questionnaires.
    - Automatic information compilation and data analysis.

  • Surveytool

    Research Services for Data Interpretation and Sharing

    SurveyTool has conformed its online survey software to business demands, enabling users the flexibility to create professional surveys quickly and simply and earn valuable feedback from respondents. SurveyTool's data research services allow users to browse the answers of individual respondents separately to see how a particular customer or employee answered your survey.

    The cross tabulation feature allows users to analyze and edit results, gleaning even more information from survey responses. SurveyTool's research providers update gathered information continually and the user interface is updated instantly, so users can receive data as soon as it is needed. In fact, survey results can be accessed in as little as 3 hours after a questionnaire has been launched.

    Results are aggregated, so users can view the results of all respondents at once to easily recognize trends and preferences. All survey data is automatically displayed through the website with easy to read charts and graphs and discover research solutions. And once survey results have been gathered and analyzed, users can download or share their survey data via email.

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  • 24 hour project turnaround
  • Targetting 50 million+ people
  • Quality market research at an Affordable Price

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