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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Online survey tools are very effective when used for information gathering especially in the healthcare industry as a patient satisfaction survey for hospitals and physicians. A well-designed patient satisfaction survey offers many benefits such as improving the quality of health care and providing insight from a patient's viewpoint regarding the types of services provided. Read on to learn more about the advantages of a patient satisfaction survey for your healthcare organization.

Monitor Patient Satisfaction

Knowing how your patients really feel about your healthcare services is critical for the success of your practice and using a patient satisfaction survey is one way to monitor their overall perceptions and approval. Design questions for your patient satisfaction survey to include open-ended queries regarding ways your practice can improve or inquiring about what your patients like best about your practice. A patient satisfaction survey can be used to track the progress of your organization's progress in overall patient contentment and pinpoint areas to improve.

Reduce Malpractice Risk

According to expert Ken Terry in an article he wrote on "Patient Satisfaction and Healthcare Reform", the effective use of a patient satisfaction survey may reduce the likelihood of a physician being sued. This is because poor communication between a healthcare professional and their patients is often an indicator before the onset of legal action. A patient satisfaction survey is important because hospitals and physicians with high levels of patient communication exhibited lower rates of malpractice suits and reduced patient turnover.

Collect Demographic Data

Take the opportunity to use your patient satisfaction survey to collection information regarding the demographics of your patients. This can be particularly helpful for such areas as sampling patient populations for medication usage or policymaking for healthcare practices.

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Demographic data to take into account on your patient satisfaction survey may include general ones such as age, sex and occupation or more in-depth question related to lifestyle and medication usage. Create a patient satisfaction survey with questions that will best benefit your patients the most.

Optimizing Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Get the most from your patient satisfaction survey with, offering the tools needed to improve and enhance your communications needs such as anonymous surveys, real-time results and a live edit survey system. Other features of a patient satisfaction survey developed by<: include SSL encryption, unlimited questions and data storage.

Although not required in a patient satisfaction survey, having the ability to answer questions in anonymity allows a patient to not worry about their identity and to feel comfortable sharing exactly what they think of their healthcare services. This provides an uninhibited viewpoint in data collection and improvement of overall services from a patient satisfaction survey.

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