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Online Survey Tools

Design and define your company's research goals by using online survey tools as an essential part of your data collection and research process. Online survey tools benefit businesses that seek a stronger relationship with their customer base by offering questionnaires that provide confidentiality and security of data. Read on to learn more about the advantages of online survey tools for businesses.

Instantaneous Feedback

One of the greatest strengths of online survey tools is the ability to collect large amounts of data and provide instantaneous feedback from questionnaires thus eliminating the extra time previously required by researchers to process large amounts of data.

Now, instead of spending excess time administering to data it may be imported directly by using online survey tools into databases or other statistical tools. The online survey tools offered by includes tools for analyzing data quickly and include cross tabulation, real-time results, aggregate results, graphs and charts, and exporting of data.

Cost Effective

Online survey tools offer an enormous advantage over the nearly outmoded hard-copy version of paper distribution to collect data. The biggest savings are found in paper, postage and labor. No printing or paper costs are involved with online survey tools as are zero postage expenses. With the rising costs of stamps this amounts to a huge amount of savings for your business by using online survey tools.

Compare this to the low monthly costs of offered by starting at only $9.00 per month and loaded with free online survey tools benefits such as unlimited questions, a live edit system and free phone support.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy by using online survey tools to monitor what your customers think of your products or services and provide influence on how your business and organization can improve professional practices to best meet their needs.

Online survey tools as offered by improves your customer's satisfaction by including an optional comment box for them to make suggestions for new products and improvements and anonymous surveys for customers to provide feedback without revealing their identity. Use online survey tools to create a comfortable and easy to use environment for your customers to provide unbiased opinions.

Customize Questionnaires

Enjoy the ease of creating custom questionnaires for your clients by using online survey tools such these offered by custom thank you messages, skip logic, customizable URL direct, add a reward, branding with your company logo, templates, multiple pages surveys and unlimited questions per survey.

One advantage of using online survey tools is that adjustments and live edits are easily accessed at any time for last minute modifications of data collection. This flexibility makes online survey tools more efficient.

Why SurveyTool?

  • Over 35 prewritten professional templates to get you up and running quickly
  • Add rewards automatically to incentivize respondents
  • Intuitive new survey design tools
  • Attractive Price Point - SurveyTool offers the best value for the price
  • Automatically distribute surveys on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

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