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International Marketing Research is Important Online Businesses

A large majority of online businesses have expanded into international markets, increasing the importance of timely and accurate international marketing research.

International market research methods to support international marketing decisions have evolved rapidly and many companies struggle to keep pace.

SurveyTool makes it possible for companies of all sizes to keep pace with what's going on in international markets by connecting companies with customers on a global scale. International marketing research has never been easier or more cost effective.

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    Online Business has no Borders

    There are no boundaries to expansion, and most online business is conducted on an international scale. From pet sales to software, customers can now purchase a huge variety of products online from anywhere, and have it shipped to locations around the globe. Many small companies have expanded their marketing reach and directly influenced their sales goals as a result.

    In order for online businesses to successfully market their products and services, careful international marketing research is needed, and careful preparation is needed to ensure the right decisions are made. There are many factors that affect good international marketing research, and there are many issues and situations that can arise to spoil international market research efforts.

    Here are a few quick tips to insure that your international marketing research is successful:

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    Develop Realistic Expectations for International Marketing Research

    Creating a plan that details the type of information expected to be gleaned from international marketing research is helpful for most businesses. Include information that is necessary for optimum operation and determine how specific informational needs should be.

    It is best to make these plans while imagining how the international marketing research efforts will affect planning the business strategy as a whole. Starting out with realistic expectations increases the chances that international marketing research efforts are successful.

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    Keep International Marketing Research Unbiased

    International marketing research efforts aren't conducted to confirm preconceptions. Unchecked preconceptions can bias all research efforts. It's best to acknowledge preconceptions and work hard to avoid them by paying attention to wording used in questionnaires. International market research requires preparation. Develop Relevant International Marketing Research Questions

    International marketing efforts can't be successful without asking the right questions. Finding the right questions isn't always easy, but the option to browse and delete survey answers by SurveyTool allows for adjusting international marketing research campaigns in real time, and as early on in the campaign as necessary. Asking the right questions to the appropriate market will get you better return data in the long run.

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    Find the Appropriate Audience for International Marketing Research

    Approaching the appropriate audience with the right questions is essential in international marketing research efforts. An audience profile should be based on an ideal customer profile.

    Knowing who that ideal customer is ahead of the game will assist in determining a target audience for international market research. SurveyTool features allow questionnaires to be directed to certain groups of people. SurveyTool makes it easy to find the right audience and deliver appropriate questions, quickly, and easily.

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    International Marketing Research Should Be Statistically Significant

    The biggest mistake companies can make when performing international marketing research is not surveying enough people to ensure the results are as accurate as possible. The expenses associated with performing international marketing research can cause companies to abort before enough valid data is collected.

    SurveyTool makes it easy for companies to avoid this financial burden. SurveyTool effectively extends a business's target market range in a cost effective way. Companies can initiate multiple surveys with unlimited questions for a minimal investment. International market research becomes easier with SurveyTool.

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    Interpret International Marketing Research Data Correctly

    It's not enough to just gather and deliver the results. The results must be understood and interpreted in a correct manner. Carefully performed international market research can allow companies to learn and understand their target audience and their interests. Fine-tuned international marketing research can assist companies in growing successfully while effectively serving customers.

    SurveyTool offers numerous helpful analytical tools that assist businesses in better understanding the data they obtain from international market research efforts. With the ability to cross-tabulate, view real time results, aggregate results, view charts and graphs and export all data, there is nothing preventing companies from easily interpreting marketing data.

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