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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I build my first survey?

Click on "My Surveys". Choose "Blank Survey" and enter the title of your survey. Click the orange "Start" button. This will take you to a new page where you can add a description, upload a logo, and change the settings of your survey. To add questions, click on "Add Questions". Choose the type of question you want and write it in the text box. When you have all the questions you want and are finished with your survey, click "Save and Launch Survey".

2. How do I create a survey using the professional templates?

Click on "My Surveys". If it is not your first survey you must click on "+ Create New Survey". Choose "Start from a Professional Template". Click on the category of your choice and then choose the subcategory that fits your needs. Once you find the template that's right for you, click the orange "Choose This Template" button. Enter your product or the name of your brand and click the orange "Start" button. This will take you to a new page where you can add a description, upload a logo, and change the settings of your survey. To add or edit questions click "Add Questions". To edit a question, click on the question and then make corrections in the text box at the top. When you have all the questions you want and are finished with your survey, click "Save and Launch Survey".

3. How do I add contacts?

Once you have created your survey it will take you to the "Get Responses" page. Click on the blue "Send Invitation Emails" button. Now click on the green "Invite New Contacts" button. You can manually write in the emails that you want to send your survey too or you can import them from your email account. If you want to import the emails you need to choose your email provider, enter in your email and password and then click submit. You can now select the individual names you want and them to an existing group or create a new group for them. When you are finished hit "+ Add".

4. How do I launch my survey?

Once you have invited your contacts you are on the launch page. At this point, you can get a URL if you want to maintain anonymity or you can send out emails. Before launching your survey you can also set up the frequency of your survey and have it be sent out on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. To do that go to "Send Invitation Emails" and at the bottom of the page you will find "Data Collection Frequency". Select the option that works for you.

5. What are predefined choices?

When you select a question type, we give you an option of selecting from predefined fields for multiple choice answers. For example if you are asking an income bracket question, you can simply click on predefined choice and then on income. It will give you all the choices. This will save you time, as you will not be entering each one of the choices manually.

6. How does skip logic work?

After you have added all of your questions click on the question where you want to apply skip logic. Click on "Skip Logic", define the criteria, and the click "Save". Make sure you are done adding questions before you apply skip logic.

7. How do you add images from file / external URL?

Uploading an image is very simple. Once you have your tool bar open, click on Image. There are two ways you can upload it, you can either enter the URL or by simply uploading a file. As for now we are only supporting JPEG files. Select one, hit "Upload" and it's done!

8. How to activate or deactivate your surveys?

The active indicates that your survey is live and in progress. If at any point you want to deactivate your survey, you can simply slide the active button and make it inactive.

9. How can I redirect my respondents to my website once they are done with the survey?

Go to "My survey" and click "Edit survey". Now click on "Survey title", right underneath that, there are two fields to enter your redirect URL's. You can enter different URLs for completes and disqualifiers or you can keep the same, you decide.

10. How can I add rewards?

The process of adding rewards is very simple. Go to your Survey and click on "Add Rewards", enter the promotion code and the description. The respondents will see the description in the beginning and the promotion code will be revealed after every successful completion.

11. How can I analyze responses?

Go to "My Survey," and click "Analyze Responses". There are three different ways you can generate reports. You can either export it in a PDF or CSV file or simply share the link. You can also view responses in different graphical formats. This includes bar, pie, line, column and grid.

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