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The Benefit Of Employee Surveys

Employee surveys allow businesses and companies to measure almost all aspects of an employees day-to-day work shift.

From finding out how satisfied the employee is with his wage to revealing the future direction of a company, employee surveys are fast, quick, and easy ways to measure this data.

At Survey Tool, we provide a number of prewritten employee surveys to assess employees and measure this important data. Our varied question types allow companies to utilize ratings scales, checklists, and text input questions.

Survey Tool: The Employee Survey Solution

Using Survey Tool is significantly cheaper than phone or mail-out survey techniques-it's the best value employee survey software available.

With Survey Tool, you can design employee surveys online that are ready to launch in minutes.

Send out your employee surveys to co-workers, friends, and family automatically by importing your contacts from any online address book like Gmail or Yahoo.

Start with a Plan:

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Use incentives to drive traffic to your employee surveys-Survey Tool includes a special feature to attach a reward code to the end of the survey, allowing respondents to receive discounts and prizes. Embed the survey in your website to generate even more traffic.

All of your collected data is available for download as a PDF, link, or Data CSV. Once you've taken the employee surveys live, Survey Tool automatically generates links that you can use to distribute your survey on Twitter, Facebook, or any popular media sharing website.

To get started, simply login to your account, click "Sign Up Today," enter your company or other relevant information, use one of our employee survey templates or write your own questions, and launch your employee surveys!

Why SurveyTool?

  • Over 35 prewritten professional templates to get you up and running quickly
  • Add rewards automatically to incentivize respondents
  • Intuitive new survey design tools
  • Attractive Price Point - SurveyTool offers the best value for the price
  • Automatically distribute surveys on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

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