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    In 2008-09, Domino's Pizza secretly spent 18 to 24 months researching and testing a completely new pizza recipe. The sole reason behind this intensive research was to avoid the same errors incurred by companies like Gap and Coke.

    This is one of the best examples out there, which highlights on the importance of conducting a survey. This research helped Domino's determine how their product pizza, was being consumed and how it would be better.

    Domino's drastically changed their product by re-inventing their crust and sauce and this change was completely based on the results collected by that research. Part of this research was also conducted through transactional survey, which they integrated in the CRM systems.

    Acknowledging one's shortcomings is considered a big gamble in today's society but in Domino's case this "gamble" paid off as the Wall Street Journal recently reported that Domino's Pizza profit has more than doubled.


    Increasing ROI by conducting research

    Domino's took a big risk and it paid off. Domino's USA President J. Patrick Doyle said, "We're pleased that people love our reformulated pizza, the value of our offer and our honest and straight-forward communication of our brand values."

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Domino's research showed that the percentage of consumers who said they would "definitely purchase this pizza in the future" improved by 25 percent with the new product.

Domino's sales have been on a continuous upswing since the new pizza was introduced. Sales at Domino's stores rose at least 14.3 percent in the first quarter, 8.8 percent in the second quarter and 11.7 percent in the third quarter.

Source: cheese/

There success was not only reflected in terms of increasing sales but they were also awarded Business Review's 2010 "Deals of the Year" in the research category.

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