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Advertising Research allows you to tap into our global panel of 50 million participants across 1,000+ partner sites.

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Advertising Research is Essential for Your Business

Advertising research is an important first step for business development. Before businesses set up shop or even think about seed funding, careful planning and research must be performed.

Advertising research will reveal whether or not an idea, product or service is viable in a given industry arena. Discovering this information prior to doing business will prevent major losses and assist in the fine tuning of brand development and strategy. Already established businesses can also benefit from doing their own advertising research. The market is always changing, and realizing those changes in real time can assist businesses in serving consumers better.

Investing in advertising research is a good decision for all types of businesses no matter the industry. Every company should have a specific amount of funds budgeted to invest in advertising research in order to remain competitive.

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    Online Surveys are a Vital Tool in Advertising Research

    One of the most important aspects of advertising research is the survey in which you gather consumer insights. Surveys can assist all businesses in fine tuning their ideas.

    Polling individuals from different consumer groups will help companies discover whether a product or service would be profitable in any given market.

    By utilizing the power of SurveyTool, businesses gain the ability to create surveys to be distributed through email, websites and social media channels for advertising research. Companies can offer incentives and other added benefits to consumers for taking the time to complete the surveys as well. Adding incentives to propel your survey results is a very effective addition to advertising market research.

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    Advertising Research Helps Companies Stay Updated

    Advertising research enables companies in reaching consumers more effectively. Without advertising research, communication between companies and customers isn't as effective. Advertising research can answer the following questions for companies:

  • 1. What message will be more persuasive?

    SurveyTool provides a method to discover what message consumers will respond the best to, prior to sending that message. By utilizing SurveyTool, businesses will save time and money by sending a message that consumers are actually interested in. Performing good advertising research will mean creating questions that are engaging, without disrupting the flow of the survey.

  • 2. Who will best respond to a message?

    SurveyTool can target consumers with certain demographics within its surveys. Discover the audience that is most interested, and target them more effectively.

  • 3. How effective are advertising efforts?

    Do consumers understand the company? Are they interested in the company's products or services? What do they like over a competitor's offering? These are just a few of the many questions to be answered by doing advertising research on your business's industry. SurveyTool features an unlimited number of customizable questions to ask. This ensures that your message will be conveyed in the best possible format for consumers to understand easily.

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    Advertising Research Saves Money

    Many companies neglect to conduct advertising research because they feel they can't afford it. SurveyTool offers an affordable service for companies that don't have huge marketing budgets at their disposal. Conduct the same quality research in less time, for a minimal investment. Companies that wish to be competitive can't afford not to invest in research, and now they don't have to. Add the tools to your arsenal that larger companies have been using for just a fraction of the price. Try SurveyTool for all of your advertising research need.

Why Survey Tool?

Reasons to use SurveyTool Sample

  • Highest quality data
  • 24 hour project turnaround
  • Targetting 50 million+ people
  • Quality market research at an Affordable Price

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Why SurveyTool?

  • Over 35 prewritten professional templates to get you up and running quickly
  • Add rewards automatically to incentivize respondents
  • Intuitive new survey design tools
  • Attractive Price Point - SurveyTool offers the best value for the price
  • Automatically distribute surveys on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

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